March, 2013

  • After the Garden of Eden


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  • His Story




    In the moment, I was traveling on several business trips, and you could not help notice the many travelers. They were reading books, waiting for their next flight connection to their final destination. Often, the books were lengthy novels and books of sorts.… Read the rest

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  • The story of a repeat offender and his triumph

    10commandments Tablets

    In Romans Chapter 7 There it is, Paul admits to breaking God’s law and tells us he had a problem. His serious problem comes when he reads “Do not Covet”.
    The Apostle Paul is breaking the Law (God’s Law) and what’s worse, this religious leader, belonging to a strict religious organization called Pharisees followed the idea; every letter of law be observed, otherwise they were doomed to death.… Read the rest

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  • Tolerance

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  • The Evolution of Endorsing Homosexuality by Political Leaders and Celebrity’s


    Since Obama’s evolution and endorsement of homosexuality, as a result of pressure by those closest to him, many events have been unfolding on the issue Same Sex Marriage.  In his 2nd term inaugural address to the nation, Obama reinforced to the nation equality for all, which for the first time any President has gone beyond the scope of gender, ethnicity and race; qualities endowed by our creator to include a people group identified  by deviant sexual orientation.… Read the rest

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  • “Even while we were in the middle of our sins”…..

    “Even while we were in the middle of our sins”…..




    ‎ There has been much talk in the news about President Obama’s endorsement of same sex marriage. However, I want to separate any confusion between the endorsement of sin and the Grace and Mercy found in Christ for the forgiveness of our sins. … Read the rest

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