Herald Sound is a Blog/News/Magazine site, bringing commentary through various Authors/Contributors,  including links to various outside sources

Media content will offer blog posts, latest news, articles, picture galleries and video tailored to current and future events unfolding here in America and to every corner of the world, with a biblical perspective from God’s word.

 Herald Sound encourages authors/contributors participation in providing content, including YouTube, TV broadcasts and video links back to personal or ministry site (s), as well social media pages. Romans 10:14

We are always on the lookout for Authors and Contributors supporting the site. If you enjoy writing and can support the mission with content, feel free to reach out by email: heraldsound@outlook.com

Also, an effort to support the site and the work in providing meaningful content, the  Herald Sound website will include a donation button, sponsors, and advertisements. Receipts for all donations and transactions.  In time, added pages will introduce items available to buy.

Historically, Johannes Gutenberg introduced his invention of the mechanical printing press around the 1450’s and started a revolution in the early form of media content delivery. The printing press played several key roles like the great Protestant Reformation led by men like Martin LutherWilliam Tyndale and a forerunner to the Reformation, John Wycliffe and much more….  Also, the printing press was instrumental in ending the “Dark Ages”.  Since the early 15th-century  content revolution continues to increase in knowledge, learning to the masses and transforming lives in unexpected ways.

 More recently, the past few decades, the world has been experiencing the arrival of the Internet, Social Media, technology in computers, and handheld devices, not least of all, Radio, Television and Satellite broadcasting. Undeniably, an explosion in media content delivery for good and evil is changing and transforming our way of life. Knowledge and learning continue to increase to the masses and the explosion impacts every area of life with rapid pace, as spoken of by the Prophet Daniel about the last days. [Daniel 12:4]

Where does this increase in knowledge and learning lead  civilization? A spiritual warfare is taking place, ultimately for the souls of men…



No other way to heaven

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