July 26, 2017

Christian Clergy Welcomes Islam Into The Church, Then Bows To It

The interfaith, ecumenical movement has many faces but will have a common end time prophetic fulfillment. …Not to be confused with one world new order. The two will form a strange unholy alliance; politically and religiously to deceive many, even Christians.

The book of Revelations describes the unholy alliance as the harlot that rides the beast. While many are predicting the dissolution of the European Union following the Brexit vote, others predict the EU will emerge stronger on a global scale. I agree with the latter.

The Bible has always warned chaotic and dangerous events and the call for Peace and Security would be the catalyst for global unification. Global upheaval would summon a Super World Leader to the helm of an earthly empire, the Bible calls the Anti-Christ.

Unfortunately, religion coming out of the Vatican in Rome appear as the universal head religion to partake in this unholy alliance. After all the Vatican historically participated with the Kings of Europe for Centuries during the dark ages. It wasn’t until the Protestant Reformation which challenged the abuses of the Roman Catholic Church and the Word of God came to light to fight these dark times.

In Daniel’s vision, he sees the final earthly empire as feet with ten toes mixed with iron and clay which is also a brittle. Given the iron represented the Roman empire by most scholarly interpretations, a re emergence of the Roman empire by way of the EU member states falls in line as an extended interpretation in the future as represented in the two feet and ten toes. Also, the iron is mixed with clay which may offer the explanation of the last earthly empire being brittle recorded in Daniel’s vision.

According to the vision, It should be noted the statue representing the 5 worldly empires deals primarily with the Jews.  The quality of metal in each successive empire degraded each time. The head was made of gold, the chest of silver, the loins of bronze, the legs of iron and the feet and toes of iron mixed with clay. The Roman empire in its quest for world dominance under its Ceasars was characteristically more brutal than the previous. Should the trend continue, will the final earthly empire ultimately become the most brutal in its quest for global unification? The book of Revelations seems to point in the same direction.

In Daniel’s Vision of the statue representing 5 major empires that dealt with the Jews and Jerusalem, the legs were solely iron. The clay may hint at the current migration taking place from former Ottoman empire nations, mostly Arab nations. While the EU is made up of Europeans.  You also have the eastern leg of the Roman empire, which includes modern day Turkey.

All of the West European nations are increasing their migration from war torn Arab nations. What is not taking place in Europe is assimilation- interfaith religion may hold the key, brittle as it may be.

The former Roman empire was both east and west consistent with two legs of iron and two feet and ten toes. Rome would be the capital of Western Europe where the Vatican is located and Eastern Europe with its capital in Constantinople, modern day Turkey. Once separated, a new relationship of reconciliation is emerging. The newly appointed Pope Francis was seen praying in the most famous blue mosque and visiting with his direct Eastern Orthodox counterpart in eastern Europe. One can assume he is making every effort to unite West with East and the religions of the world. With many splits taking place, and apostasy taking hold, several daughters of the Protestant Reformation are realigning themselves once again with the Vatican after 500 years. Yet, the Vatican has never repented of its errors or addressed Martin Luther’s 95 theses.

Nevertheless, this is a mixed union for better or worse. But I am leaning for worse as the end draws nearer, chaos, viloence, and economic conditions turn extreme.  The need for a universal interfaith effort to mix numerous religions and people groups, with a compromise on beliefs intensifies for the EU and Globalists seeking worldwide unification. Then the urgent need for a super leader from a people whose hearts are far from God to bring peace and safety. The final Anti Christ will make everyone bow to him, take his mark with the condition of full allegiance to buy or sell.

The apostle John would depict the imagery of religious compromise as the harlot for her unfaithfulness to true religion. The beast would represent a universal global political union.

Revelations tell us the final Anti Christ will usurp the throne of God by sitting in the seat of God@ the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Before these events take place, war is coming to Jerusalem.

But it is God’s ultimate endgame to smash this brittle empire, its Anti Christ, and reign in a new Jerusalem to rule all the nations.

“In this new interfaith “correctness”, only Islam gains. Christians have everything to lose and faces persecution across the globe.”

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