July 8, 2016

FBI Director Comey smiling inwardly during Congressional hearing


FBI Director Comey smiling inwardly as Congress excoriates him over the details of Hillary’s incompetence

My theory over the Hillary email investigation: FBI Director Comey, considered a straight shooter, left the door wide open to intentionally destroying the corruption that is the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton. FBI Director Comey’s indictment of Hillary’s extreme carelessness without bringing criminal charges leaves a long trail of bread crumbs to be pursued for further penalties under the law.

Comey in a press conference and Congressional hearings postures a serious exterior but my intuition says he smiles inwardly as Hillary’s nefarious corruption is exposed in detail after detail.

FBI Director Comey gave the Obama administration what they wanted by not indicting Hillary and gave the American people, a verified detailed investigation of extreme careless wrongdoing. Comey is playing both sides and has removed himself and his agency as the political pawn and placing the focus on Hillary. Comey put politics above duty to not recommend indictment because a very very corrupt administration left him no choice. Was Comey adhering to the old adage when dealing with powerful elites? “THEY ALWAYS KILL THE MESSENGER”. Particularly, the Clintons who have a trail of dead bodies throughout their political career. One of their associates writes in a tell-all book that the Clintons hired him to assassinate men and women for the self-serving overall good.

So, Comey steps forward unannounced in a press conference to reveal his FBI investigation and plays both sides against the middle ( Hillary Clinton). Comey is taking his licks now, he knew he would undergo Comey Hearingscrutiny, but the tide will turn to Hillary Clinton on matters of security clearance and perjury under oath. And, let’s not forget the Bernie Sanders supporters who are suing over a rigged democratic system.

It is DOJ AG Loretta Lynch’s responsibility to prosecute based on Comey’s findings, John Kerry’s Department of State on whether to strip Hillary of her security clearance and Congress to further pursue perjury charges and Bernie Sanders supporters to use Comey’s findings as fodder for litigation. Comey will move on with more pressing FBI matters. Meanwhile, he preserves the integrity of the FBI by escaping corrupt politics while serving an administration where Obama was linked to Hillary emails. As for the money laundering through her foundation, implicates many at the highest level , according to insiders. This trial continues in the court of public opinion. It remains, who the American people choose as their next President. Comey’s press conference hopefully opened the American people’s eyes, just as he intended through a very contradictory conclusion.


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