June 29, 2017

Facebook CEO: We can play the role that churches once filled

Facebook’s CEO becoming interested in developing a more Religious and Political platform taking the place of Churches and belief systems.

What happens if or when Zuckerberg’s motivations turn activist towards his own agenda’s? Or, the Worlds power players, global elites, the UN and/or a universal Harlot religion apply pressure to comply with their One World, New Order System?

Has the Face book CEO already created unholy religious and political alliances to replace religious and belief systems? These things start out as a vacuum, then are filled by power structures. Zuckerberg’s social media platform reaches 2 billion- a global influence and growing. Facebook facilitates a common universal language, much like the days of the tower of Babel when everyone spoke in one common language. [But] the tower was built in defiance of God, so God confused them with different languages. Social media and the internet brings us once again full circle to an ancient time. Currently, FB platform is an open platform. Will it change now that it has reached critical mass and global influence?

The final Anti-Christ will emerge to deceive the world and ultimately control both political and religious systems towards his unholy ends in defiance of the Lord. It is yet to determine Zuckerberg’s true motivation. Here is what we do know from biblical scriptures; A day is coming when a new world order with the final Anti-Christ in defiance of God will dictate what the world should believe.

Lucifer, the angel of light, will not stand by idle. His agents are already actively working to veil and deceive anyone and everyone from the Glorious Gospel of Christ

Through the news most have already captured a glimpse how Governments are forcing technology platforms worldwide to leave open ports on the same, effectively spying on their citizenship. Why would they stop there? Why not total control, total global enslavement such as the UN’s ultimate mission.

Christianity can take comfort as the Head of the Church (Christ). He said, ” the gates of hell will not prevail, he will build his Church and is coming again soon, triumphantly to rule the nations.

Fresh Outpouring’s on the Church ( Body of Christ) continue coming around the world as the day grows darker, more unholy, more immoral. And God has not forgotten the persecuted Christians, believers in communist countries. He has not forgotten Israel His first fruits.

God’s indwelling Holy Spirit and His Words are the lamp at our feet and the light for our path. By these two believers will navigate the darkness that is in the world and shine His light.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks social media can be our new communities.

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