July 27, 2017

Love that Wins

The Love that Wins is found in Christ. When we experience being crucified with Christ through repentance and forgiveness of sins. Our sins are put to death. No, we add something greater to our faith; we rise with Christ in his Resurrection into a new life and the old sinful man is done away with. No, we have to add something much greater to our faith; when we receive the outpouring of His Holy Spirit with tongues of fire. We become His dwelling, His Temple. Made alive by the Spirit of God to experience the presence of His Glory, the manifestation of His Holiness and his many manifold attributes; Holy Love, Holy Peace, Holy Joy, the gifts and fruits of His Spirit, with signs and wonders- boldness against any persecution for the sake of Christ. Unashamed of the cross of Christ and the Grace of God working in us… When we are completely His and He is Ours. Where he meets every need we have, even our need to have more faith in Him alone, if we need more… When Christ matchless Love Wins!

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