February 13, 2013

Message to America: The Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast-Keynote Speaker Johnathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn

As the Keynote Speaker at the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, Johnathan Cahn shares a prophetic warning to

America. In his delivery to the members of Congress on the morning of President Obama’s 2nd term inauguration

January,21st, 2013, Jonathan Cahn illustrates the apostasy of America and it’s looming judgement of destruction through

several harbingers and warnings, with several  already fulfilled. The 9 harbingers or warnings are drawn from the Bible with

regards to the nation of Israel as written through the Prophets of the Old Testament / Torah  and it’s destruction of Israel and

the Temple in Jerusalem.  The children of Israel was doing evil in the sight of God committing sins against God, their own

people and following after idols.  Johnathan Cahn makes the comparison that America is a nation dedicated and patterned

after Israel, with it’s blessing and cursing in their relationship and covenants to God.

Here is the link taking you to the Youtube video: Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Video




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