February 12, 2013

You Have To Love Technology

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Historically, Johannes Gutenberg introduced his invention of the mechanical printing press sometime around the 1450’s , started a revolution in media content delivery, playing a key role in the great Protestant Reformation , led by men like Martin Luther, William Tyndale and a precursor to the reformation John Wycliffe and many more …. Since the revolution in the 1450’s began, an increase in knowledge and learning to the masses continues to transform in unexpected ways, where we are today.

More recent, over the past few decades our world has been experiencing the advent of the Internet, Social Media, technology in computers, handheld devices, not least of all, Television and Satellite broadcasting. It’s undeniable, an explosion in media content delivery for good and evil is changing and transforming our way of life. Knowledge and learning continues to increase to the masses and the explosion impacts every area of life, with rapid velocity, as spoken of by the Prophet regarding the last days, Daniel 12:4.

The Apostle John was a prisoner on Patmos, because he was preaching about Jesus and that He had been raised from the dead. John had the visions described in Revelation about AD95. Who could have ever imagined the Apostle John’s vision, while exiled as a prisoner, foretells of his vision in his writings with such detail in the book of Revelations 11:3-13, could be fulfilled in our lifetime? In John’s vision, two witnesses appointed by God to do his work are martyred on the streets of Jerusalem and then raised from the dead. People from every tribe, every nation and tongue will be able to gaze and witness the event globally via Television , Satellite and now upon the completed work of Google maps and satellite on the streets of Jerusalem through the Internet, seeing the event unfold, from anywhere and everywhere!

Where does this increase in knowledge and learning lead mankind? A spiritual warfare is taking place, ultimately for the souls of men….

This age of man draws nearer towards its’ end…. scripture tells us our very own lives are but a mere vapor in the light of eternity James 4:14.


In the Gospel according to John, when speaking to a devout religious leader, Jesus was very clear on this matter; unless a man is born-again he shall not see the Kingdom of Heaven. Nicodemus in his own piety and religious reverent, was brought to attention by Jesus Christ himself; a religious lifestyle, philosophy, or just being born were not enough, so far as God was concerned, only through a relationship with God through Jesus Christ could Nicodemus enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. John 3:3, John 14:6  No other way to heaven

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